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Car Detailing through MJK Valeting – Birmingham and the West Midlands

Many people think Car Detailing and Valeting are the same thing, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

A Car Valet is good in its own right, its cleans and polishes your car inside and out to a standard car showrooms would be happy with.

That said, car detailing is all about cleaning, correcting, and protecting your vehicle against the elements using the safest methods possible in an extremely thorough manner. The best car detailing services are performed with great patience, clean tools, proper technique, quality products, and a dedication to perfection. MJK Valeting is proud to offer the most thorough detailing services possible in the Birmingham & West Midland areas. Our unique car detailing techniques are designed to enhance the long-term appearance of your new or used vehicle.

Cleaning your car

The best car wash is going to remove every foreign object from the surface of your car’s paint. All bugs, tar, and dirt should be removed from your vehicle’s paint. Your wheels would be cleaned on the inside and out, and your windows should be spotless. But from a detailing perspective, the clearcoat itself requires a deep cleaning to prepare the paint for proper correction and to remove the contamination that has built-up from time spent outside.

Correcting your paint

Correcting your paint is all about removing swirls and fine scratches from the clearcoat of your car. Ever looked at your paint under halogen lights and noticed fine spider-web-like scratches in your paint. Those are paint swirls and they are very common, even on new cars. Correcting your paint is all about proper car paint polishing to level and burnish the clearcoat to a very fine level, just like a diamond.

Protecting your car

Protecting your car is all about sealing in your vehicle from the attacking elements that we discussed in our page all about how your car is always at war. All of your rubber and plastic panels, both on the inside and out should be protected with substances that provide UV protection, while all of your car’s paint and glass should be protected from multiple layers of quality, durable wax.

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